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Anwar Hashem Abboud
Mohamed Nasr Hussein Al-Jayed
Ameer Ageed kadhim Al-ardawe


The research problem arises due to the technological development in the field of business, trade exchange, electronic commercial transactions and electronic cash circulation. At an international level, the use of traditional systems in the tax accounting process affects the quality and quality of services provided to taxpayers. One of the most important recommendations recommended by researchers is that the tax system depends heavily on tax accounting and that its success requires a close relationship between the General Tax Authority and taxpayers, and this is achieved by improving the reality of the services provided to taxpayers and increasing their satisfaction with them. One of the most important recommendations recommended by the researchers is the need to implement e-governance, which contributes significantly to the development and improvement of services provided to taxpayers by providing a comprehensive information system for all taxpayers' data that achieves accuracy and speed in completing the tax accounting process.

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Anwar Hashem Abboud, Mohamed Nasr Hussein Al-Jayed, & Ameer Ageed kadhim Al-ardawe. (2024). THE IMPORTANCE OF E-GOVERNANCE IN IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF SERVICE OF TAXPAYERS APPLIED STUDY IN THE GENERAL TAX AUTHORITY. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(6), 46–58. Retrieved from


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