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Mancenido, Nerigrace P. Pastores, Sofia Bless E. Ramos, Gracelean E. Talaman, Eduardo M. Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-04 2023-07-04 11 7 1 14 COMPARATIVE STUDY: UTILIZATION OF USED TEA GROUNDS AS AN ALTERNATIVE FERTILIZER FOR CUBANELLE PEPPER (CAPSICUM ANNUUM) PLANT) <p>This study primarily aimed to determine the effects of utilization of used tea grounds as an alternative fertilizer for cubanelle pepper (capsicum annuum) plant in terms of height, number of leaves, number of cubanelle pepper, and mortality.</p> Bautista, Rystel Anne A. Mancenido, Nerigrace P. Pastores, Sofia Bless E. Ramos, Gracelean E. Talaman, Eduardo M. Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-04 2023-07-04 11 7 1 14 HOLOCAUST LITERATURE: STORIES OF REALIZATION USING READER RESPONSE APPROACH <p>This study aimed to determine the realizations and perception of meaning of the fourteen BSED English students that already took up ELT 314 and ELT 322 after reading literature with holocaust topics because a lot people are not aware that the holocaust existed. This research employed qualitative and reader-response approach, which is suitable for this study since it sought to find out how the readers find meaning and what are their realizations after reading the literature with holocaust topics. The results of the study showed that through the holocaust literature, the students are aware of the cruel experiences of the Jews during the holocaust, and they are aware of the danger brought by discrimination and racism. There were four major themes revealed on the realizations of the students after reading literature with holocaust topics. Their realizations are the following: war is inevitable, greed is the common cause of war, the holocaust literature served as an eye opener to them, and the acceptance of diversity prevents war,</p> Nyvrem M. Arcena Angela Frez Y. Cabantao Kristhel Ann L. Dalupan Hayden Gemarino-Lu Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-04 2023-07-04 11 7 15 28 HOLOCAUST LITERATURE: STORIES OF REALIZATION USING READER RESPONSE APPROACH <p>This study aimed to determine the realizations and perception of meaning of the fourteen BSED English students that already took up ELT 314 and ELT 322 after reading literature with holocaust topics because a lot people are not aware that the holocaust existed. This research employed qualitative and reader-response approach, which is suitable for this study since it sought to find out how the readers find meaning and what are their realizations after reading the literature with holocaust topics. The results of the study showed that through the holocaust literature, the students are aware of the cruel experiences of the Jews during the holocaust, and they are aware of the danger brought by discrimination and racism. There were four major themes revealed on the realizations of the students after reading literature with holocaust topics. Their realizations are the following: war is inevitable, greed is the common cause of war, the holocaust literature served as an eye opener to them, and the acceptance of diversity prevents war,</p> Nyvrem M. Arcena Angela Frez Y. Cabantao Kristhel Ann L. Dalupan Hayden Gemarino-Lu Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-04 2023-07-04 11 7 15 28 CHEMICAL ADDITIVES FOR OBTAINING PLASTICIZED GYPSUM <p>The article describes the possibilities of obtaining building materials based on plasticized gypsum using compositions based on tetraethoxysilane and industrial secondary products. As a result of test experiments, an increase in flexural and compressive strength and a decrease in water absorption of gypsum samples treated with polymer compositions were shown.</p> Rakhimov Firuz Fazlidinovich Sharipov Akmal Azimovich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-05 2023-07-05 11 7 29 31 MODERN RESEARCH METHODS AND APPLICATION OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES <p>This article discusses modern research methods and their use in physical science.</p> Begmuradov Shokhzod Dilmurodovich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-06 2023-07-06 11 7 32 36 FACTORS PROMOTING PHYSICAL EXERCISE <p>All physiological functions and processes in the human body are hereditary in origin - they are programmed in the set of genes - genotype in the hereditary system. The development of movement functions and the quality of each individual are also carried out in accordance with the genetic program and are carried out by a set of genes in a stable state. Genes control the qualitative and quantitative indicators - hair formation. Phens characterize individual features of structures, metabolism and functions of cells, tissues, organs, some systems and the whole organism. Therefore, the motility, qualitative characteristics and quantitative signs of strength development, speed, endurance, and the formation of coordination of movements are based on genetics.</p> Meliboyev Oybek Muhammadjonovich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 11 7 37 39 PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN THE SYSTEM OF STRATEGIC COMPANY MANAGEMENT <p>Today's fierce global competition has led to changes in the culture of organizations and their business processes. Under the pressure of changing external conditions, companies are forced to more widely use downsizing and outsourcing methods to increase their competitiveness. As noted by F. Gray and E. Larson, such changes are especially noticeable in corporations that are most dependent on the stage of the life cycle of their market, for example: Bechtel, Cable Network News (CNN), Electronic Data System (EDS), Hewlett-Packard (H.P.).</p> Aliev Kibar Olimovich Butabaev M. Suyunov D.Kh. Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 11 7 40 44 USE OF MODERN PEDAGOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES IN TEACHING FOREIGN LANGUAGE GRAMMAR <p>This article describes in detail the importance of modern pedagogical technologies in teaching the grammar of a foreign language and what should be paid special attention to when using them.</p> Ibragimova Shaxlo Zavkiyevna Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 11 7 45 47 RELATIONS BETWEEN UZBEKISTAN AND THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION: EVOLUTION OF NEGOTIATIONS, ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES, AND PROSPECTS <p>In this article, the relationship between Uzbekistan and the World Trade Organization (WTO) is examined, with an emphasis on the negotiation process, its effects on the economy, and its prospects for the future. Uzbekistan has made tremendous progress on its path to joining the WTO, demonstrating the nation's dedication to integrating into the world trade system. The paper analysis the major milestones in Uzbekistan's evolution of negotiations, assesses the economic consequences and describes the probable advantages, difficulties and future prospects of joining organization.</p> Hamdamova Dilnura Saydaliyeva Laziza Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 11 7 48 51 A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF HOPELESSNESS AND GENERALISED ANXIETY AMONG STUDENTS WHO GRADUATED AFTER AND DURING COVID-19 <p>COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The aim of this study is to compare hopelessness and generalized anxiety among students who graduated after and during COVID-19. The sample Size was 90 graduated students from jaipur and neighbouring cities with age ranging between 20 - 30. The Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7) developed by Spitzer, R. L et al.,( 2006) and Beck’s hopelessness scale developed by Aaron T. Beck (1974) were administered to the participants. Independent t-test was used to compare both the groups. No significant difference was found in hopelessness between students who graduated after and during COVID-19 and in Generalised anxiety between students who graduated after and students who graduated during COVID-19</p> Sona Mishra Neema Shekhawat Jatin Bandhiwal Aarti Agarwal Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-08 2023-07-08 11 7 52 58 MACHINE-TRACTOR AGGREGATE ISCH UNIMING MODELLARI <p>First we give the following definitions [1-3]. Appreciation. Machine-Tractor Aggregate (MTA) Mechanical system consisting of working<br>machines, energy sources (dvigatel), ustatis (tractor transmissions) and assistants (tirkagiclar, ossis kurilmalari va b.) mechanisms.</p> М. Тошболтаев Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-08 2023-07-08 11 7 59 64 FACTORS AFFECTING THE PERFORMANCE OF MACHINE-TRACTOR UNITS <p>Organizational-economic, technical, organizational-technological and sociological factors strongly influence the level of productivity of units. We study these factors by dividing them into separate groups and groups [1-9].</p> Б. Артикбаев Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-08 2023-07-08 11 7 65 69 THE CONCEPT OF "RAIN" IN RAUF PARFI'S POETRY <p>The article examines the theoretical basis of the term concept. The presented scientific foundations are proved by the example of the concept of rain in the work of the poet Rauf Parfi.</p> Pirnazarova Dilbarkhon Abdullajon kizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-09 2023-07-09 11 7 69 70 TRANSFORMATION OF INDUSTRY IN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY <p>Digital transformation of the economy of industrial enterprises is the optimization and (or) change of business processes through the introduction of digital (big data, artificial intelligence, neurotechnologies, distributed resource systems, quantum technologies, etc.) technologies.</p> К. К. Сейтназаров М. М. Урынбаева Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-09 2023-07-09 11 7 71 74 DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN HEALTHCARE CENTERS <p>The current research paper describes the development process of relational database management system in one of the private, multidisciplinary, local hospitals of Uzbekistan. Initially the requirements, operation processes, and data recording points of the hospital has been analysed. Following, the relational database has been created using MS SQL server, based on all the requirements found. In the second stage of the research, the operations flow of the Hospital has been modelled in Simul8 tool. Further the end results has been analysed, to find out if the DBMS implementation can really benefit the hospital and improve the operations by removing queues in several bottleneck touchpoints of the hospital.</p> Ruxsoraxon Abduqayumova Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-10 2023-07-10 11 7 75 79 THE ORDER OF MAIN PARTS OF SPEECH IN UZBEK AND ENGLISH <p>In the article, the author compared the order of the main parts of sentences in the Uzbek and English languages with the help of examples.</p> Fayzimatova Nodiraxon Adxamjon qizi Maxsutaliyeva Mohira Baxtiyorjon qizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-11 2023-07-11 11 7 80 83 THE IMPORTANCE OF CULTURAL IMMERSION IN LANGUAGE LEARNING <p>In this article, we will explore the importance of cultural immersion in language learning and how to enhance the learning experience, as well as provide an overview of the culture and traditions of the country where the language is spoken in teaching and learning English.</p> Zilola Qodirova Abdulhakimjon qizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-11 2023-07-11 11 7 84 87 STYLISTIC SIGNIFICANCE OF HYPERBOLE IN LITERATURE <p>This article deals with the use of hyperbole as a stylistic device which is very popular in oral and written speech. The article gives information about the theoretical and practical significance of hyperbole in stylistics and tries to explain this phenomenon from stylistic point of view.</p> Ataxojayev T. M. Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-11 2023-07-11 11 7 88 93 IMITATIONS AND DESCRIPTION IN THE NATIONAL LINGUISTIC IMAGE OF THE WORLD <p>The scientific significance of this article is explained by the fact that it develops a complex methodology of semantic-structural-typological analysis of imitative expressions, which provides important information for researchers on the linguotypological study of imitative words in English and Uzbek.</p> Aliboeva Nilufar Makhamatali kizi Sebghatullah Mujadidi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-11 2023-07-11 11 7 94 96 BASICS OF FORMATION OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES OF ENTERPRISES AND UNIQUENESS <p>In this article, the foundations of the formation of financial resources of enterprises in the conditions of ensuring the stability and development of the economy are studied and their characteristics are analyzed. Sources and methods of forming financial resources are also given, and the mechanism of using financial resources of enterprises is researched.</p> Yoldoshev Shahrukh Boborahimovich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-13 2023-07-13 11 7 97 103 HISTORIOGRAPHY AND SOURCE STUDY OF SCHOOLS AND MADRASAS IN MOVAROUNNAHR IN THE MIDDLE AGES <p>After the conquest of Central Asia by the Arabs from the 8th century, the caliph ordered the opening of schools at all mosques. Basically, the imam of the mosque began to gather the boys and teach them. Since then, until the beginning of the 20th century, many madrasah graduates and those who were interested in children's education opened schools at mosques, in their homes, in special quarters and ran them as "schools". "School" in Arabic means "kataba" - to write, that is, a place where they learn to write. In ancient times, school meant a place where writing was taught. By the 9th century, serious changes were noticeable in the education system of modern Uzbekistan and its neighboring regions. After the Arabs conquered Central Asia, they began to actively introduce Islam and Arab-Muslim culture here, as in other countries they conquered.</p> Mamatkulova Farangis Orzukulovna Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-14 2023-07-14 11 7 104 115 SETTLEMENTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE “BATOSH” SEED IN THE GUZOR STATION OF THE EMIRATE OF BUKHARA IN THE LATE 19TH – EARLY 20TH CENTURIES <p>The article mentions the inhabitants of the Guzor station of the emirate of Bukhara in the late 19th – early 20th centuries as one of the so-called “batosh” Uzbek seeds in medieval written sources. However, no particular research has been done on batoshas in contrast to a number of other Central Asian seeds. Comments on batoshs at the station have been made, as well as some promising information on these issues has been discussed.</p> Ergashev Umar Kuziyevich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-14 2023-07-14 11 7 116 119 METHODS OF DETERMINING PASSENGER FLOW IN CROTA PUBLIC TRANSPORT DIRECTIONS LARIA L. SPECIES AND THEIR BIOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE <p>This article describes the method of determining the flow of passengers in urban public transport. As a result of the study of urban public transport routes in the territory of Urganch city, proposals are made for improving the public transport system of Urganch city.</p> Зияев Камолиддин Зухритдинович Абдураззоков Умидулла Абдураззокович Омаров Жансерик Абдиганиевич Абдужалилова Мохинур Валижон қизи Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-15 2023-07-15 11 7 120 123 THE QUESTION OF THE HUMAN FACTOR IN THE THEORY OF EASTERN THINKERS <p>This article explores the concept of the human factor in the theory of Eastern thinkers, including Imom G'azzoliy, Abu Ali Ibn Sino, and Alisher Navoiy. It delves into the Eastern philosophical perspectives of these influential figures on the nature of human beings, their potential for growth and transformation, and their role in fostering societal harmony. The article highlights their contributions to understanding the human condition and offers insights into their teachings on self-reflection, self-discipline, and self-improvement. Imom G'azzoliy, a renowned Persian philosopher and poet, emphasized the importance of inner knowledge and self-awareness.</p> Qurbonova Mukhabbat Avazovna Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-15 2023-07-15 11 7 124 126 THE EFFECT OF THE DETERMINANTS OF PECKING ORDER THEORY ON THE FIRM VALUE MODERATED BY CAPITAL STRUCTURE :AN ANALYTICAL STUDY IN THE IRAQ STOCK EXCHANGE <p>The present study aims to provide a philosophical and applied framework for two key theoretical determinants of the company's capital structure: Pecking order theory, as well as its endeavor to examine and interpret the type of influential relationship between the determinants of the two theories and the firm value under the adoption of the financial structure as an intermediate variable between them.</p> Ayad Raheem Ali Hisham Talaat Abdel Hakim Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-15 2023-07-15 11 7 127 145 IMPACT OF INBOUND MARKETING STRATEGY ON ENHANCING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT WITH THE MEDIATION OF ELECTRONIC SERVICE QUALITY <p>The study aims to test the effect of inbound marketing strategy (content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and marketing automation) as an independent (predictor) variable on customer engagement dimensions (attention, interaction, enthusiasm, immersion, and Identification) as a dependent (response) variable. It also examines the mediating role of electronic service quality dimensions (system availability, privacy/security, responsiveness, efficiency, and fulfillment) in this relationship. The study is significant both theoretically and practically, as it can be employed to guide future orientations of businesses, whether large or small, in increasing sales, maximizing profits, and consequently expanding market share. The research problem is framed by several questions, the most important of which are: Does inbound marketing strategy enhance customer engagement? Does the impact of this strategy on customer engagement amplify through electronic service quality among Generation Z? To achieve the study’s objectives and answer its research questions, a descriptive-analytical approach was adopted, and an electronic questionnaire in the form of a Google form was used as the main data collection tool. The research targeted students from Mustansiriyah University belonging to Generation Z as the research population, with a sample size of 1170 randomly selected respondents. The study also aimed to test several main and sub hypotheses related to the relationships and effects, as well as the hypothesis of significant differences between males and females in terms of the study variables. The data analysis utilized SPSS V.28, AMOS V.26, and various statistical techniques such as mean, standard deviation, relative importance, exploratory factor analysis (EFA), confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), simple linear regression, path analysis, and independent samples t-test. The study yielded a set of results, the most important of which indicate that the impact of inbound marketing strategy on customer engagement is amplified through electronic service quality. Based on the achieved results, several conclusions were drawn, including the importance of organizations providing high-quality electronic services to Generation Z customers in order to enhance the implementation of marketing strategies and strengthen customer engagement with the organization or its brand, making them less susceptible to the influence of competing organizations.</p> Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Prof. Dr Kadhim Ahmed Jawad Prof. Dr Maha Arif Breesam Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-15 2023-07-15 11 7 146 165 FINDING STANDARD SCORES AND LEVELS FOR THE BASIC SKILLS OF FOOTBALL FOR APPLICANTS FOR ADMISSION TO THE FACULTIES OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION <p>The use of scientific and educational methods in evaluating the educational and educational processes, which contributed to the players reaching a high level of technical performance and achieving good results at the local and continental levels. And through the experience of the researchers and their knowledge through teaching football, as well as the change in the physical and skill levels, in addition to the physical aspects, we found that there is no fixed and specific criteria that can be relied upon in evaluating the performance of the applicants for success in the skill tests for football, as the study aimed to establish grades and levels Normative for some basic skills (rolling, controlling the ball, and handling) in football, and the researcher used the descriptive method in the survey method for its suitability and the nature of the research. The most important of which was that most of the research sample of students applying for admission to the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences were at the average standard level in the respondents. and sports science.</p> Dr.Hussein Qasim Hassan Ahmed Adnan Abed Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-15 2023-07-15 11 7 166 177 CORRELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN VALUE-ECONOMIC TRAITS IN DIFFERENT ECOLOGICAL AREAS OF NEW COTTON RANGES <p>"S-6782" variety, which has a high index of valuable economic traits among their populations, was selected as a variety resistant to adverse factors of the external environment when new medium-fiber introgressive varieties were grown under the same conditions in different soil-climatic conditions of our republic.</p> Sirojiddin Turdikulovich Jo’raev Barno Kasimboevna Mirzaeva Abdumalik Amurqul ugli Shukurov Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-15 2023-07-15 11 7 178 184 METHODS OF ORGANIZING AND CONDUCTING ACTIVITY GAMES IN KINDERGARTEN <p>The great future starts from today, and the generations from the present young children . Bringing them up, physically mature and The state, educational institutions, public organizations, neighborhood and family are responsible for making spiritually mature people .</p> У. Р. Элбоева Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-15 2023-07-15 11 7 185 186 CONTROL OF THE TEMPERATURE OF THE REFRIGERATOR IN AN AUTOMATIC CONTROL SYSTEM <p>This study was conducted by Otelbayev Azizbek, a student of the Nukus Mining Institute. thermal load on volume (food) and further elucidated by experimental evaluation the main effect of temperature variability. Azizbek carried out the experiment in the Beston freezer. For conducting experiments, the thermal load volume and absolute temperature were classified according to the following. Based on the results of a survey conducted among various consumers in the industrial sectors of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, suggestions and appeals for automatic temperature control of refrigerators were considered. Thermal behavior of both refrigerator compartments, total energy consumption, capacity in the first operating state of the compressor and according to the classification of the coefficient of performance cases related to thermal loads volume and room temperature were considered. Finally, the thermal load volume temperature was checked and room temperature has been proven in our research to have a significant effect on the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. Our main goal was to review the control of automatic temperature control of refrigerators.</p> Sultanbaev Aziz Polatovich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-17 2023-07-17 11 7 187 191 INNOVATIVE METHODS IN TEACHING AND LEARNING LANGUAGES IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE GROUPS <p>In recent decades, interest in the topic of innovation has increased significantly, especially in the field of general education, as well as in language education. Russian Russian The relevance of the topic of this article is obvious by the fact that many students in all countries of the world study Russian, so teaching a foreign language, in particular Russian in our country, can be easier and more effective with the help of various innovations. The use of innovations is based on improving vocabulary and grammar; improving various skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing using various technologies. It is important to clarify which of these techniques will be the main goal for use in the lesson.</p> Mukhiddinova Shakhnoza Anvarovna Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-17 2023-07-17 11 7 192 195 CONCEPTUAL BASIS FOR THE USE OF INNOVATIVE METHODS OF THE INSURANCE MARKET IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE COUNTRY'S ECONOMY <p>This article reflects the conceptual foundations for using innovative methods of the insurance market in the development of the country's economy, improving the prudential standards of the insurance industry, the results of research on the use of new innovative insurance products in the process of sharply increased competition in mass types of insurance, digitalization of insurance activities.</p> Alimjanov Nodir Khamidullaevich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-17 2023-07-17 11 7 196 200 USE OF HISTORICAL DATA IN HIGHER EDUCATION GEOMETRY LESSONS <p>The article describes the historical data presented in the Geometry textbooks and methods of their using continuously in the teaching process. A consistent sequence of historical data is described in terms of classes.</p> Maqsudova Shahnoza Azizbek qizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-17 2023-07-17 11 7 201 204 DURING THE INITIAL PHASE OF THE ATTACK MOVEMENT, THERE WERE SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, AND POLITICAL CONDITIONS IN THE REPUBLIC <p>The "attack" movement, which began in the second half of the 20th century, aimed to liberate Uzbek women and girls from oppression and darkness, symbolized by the forced veiling. In the context of Turkestan's conditions, this socially and politically complex issue was implemented by the ruling party without considering local customs and traditions, without any consultation or voting. This resulted in many negative consequences in the country's life. The pre-attack period was neither prosperous nor satisfactory. This study focuses on the social and political situation in the country during the "attack" movement, which took place in Central Asian countries.</p> Akromova Shoistakhon Jaloliddin qizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-18 2023-07-18 11 7 205 209 THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MANAGING TRAINING UNITS FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF PREMIER LEAGUE SOCCER PLAYERS <p>Sport has become a manifestation of civilization and one of the measures that show the extent of progress of nations and their civilized advancement as a result of the scientific progress that has taken place and the interaction of physical education sciences with other scientific and human sciences that have affected and contributed effectively to the development and advancing progress in sports levels for sports activities in general and for the game of football in particular. Hence the importance of the research lies in the fact that the player's access to the higher levels is determined by several factors, the most important of which is the efficient sports coach, as access to the higher levels is directly related to the extent of the coach's ability to manage the training process, which is in two directions, namely, the educational direction and the psychological direction, and this requires efforts from the trainer Great and distinguished administrative ability in the aspects related to physical, skill, tactical and psychological preparation. In addition to this, he is aware of the complex emotional network that exists between him and the team and among the members of the team. As for the goals, they are setting standard levels, building and applying a measure of the psychology of managing training units from the point of view of club players in The Premier League in football and identifying the levels of the measure of the psychology of managing the training units from the point of view of the players of the Premier League football clubs. As for the research sample, players were selected from Football Premier League clubs .</p> Dr. Muhammad Malik Salim Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-18 2023-07-18 11 7 210 219 DEVELOPMENT DIRECTIONS OF BUSINESS PROCESSES IN THE CONDITIONS OF THE DIGITAL ECONOMY IN THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN <p>The article talks about the importance of digitization economy, which is the need of the hour today, and how effective it is for humanity and the way of life of the state, and to bring the standard of living of this country equal to the developed countries of the world. The role of technologies in the development of the digital economy, the directions of the development of the digital economy in our country, the problems of digitalization of business processes and what should be paid attention to. It was determined that the following problems should be solved in the development of this direction. That is, by solving issues such as increasing the level of penetration of Internet technology, improving the knowledge of users and the skills of using the Internet system, transitioning to the digital economy based on the results obtained, technological, platform and industry problems in its development and measuring its share in GDP. came to conclusions about the need to develop appropriate measures by the government.</p> Abdullayeva Iroda Mahmudzhanovna Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-18 2023-07-18 11 7 220 223 SOCIAL NETWORKS' DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS ON YOUNG PEOPLE'S EDUCATION <p>This article discusses the various information flows that have emerged as a result of modern scientific and technological advancements, as well as their responsibilities, drawbacks, effects on young people's ideological awareness, and degree of "addiction" to the Internet.</p> Ma’buda Erkinjonova Nomozboy kizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-18 2023-07-18 11 7 224 225 WAYS TO IMPROVE THE EFFICIENCY OF STATE ASSET MANAGEMENT <p>In the following article, the participation of the state in the financial activities of the company of shareholders in the context of corporate governance and its consequences will be considered and relevant advice will be given.</p> Jo’rayev Og’abek Oybek o’gli Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 11 7 226 229 PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES OF STUDENTS' ORIENTATION TO CREATIVE THINKING <p>This article highlights the theoretical and pedagogical features of the organization of intellectual and creative activity of students. The facts and judgments about creative competence-based activity focused on thinking are given.</p> Khurramov Isroil Abdurashidovich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 11 7 230 232 ON THE HISTORY OF GOVERNANCE IN THE SOGDIAN CONFEDERATION <p>This article notes the relationship between the Sogdians and the Turkic ethnic groups. Also, on the basis of historical data, the system of administrative management of Sogdian is given, when the Turkic Khaganate, having occupied these lands, exercised control through local Sogdians and Turks.</p> Sattorov Eldor Bobir o‘g‘li Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 11 7 233 235 WAYS TO RESOLVE CONFLICTS IN THE TEACHING STAFF BY THE HEADS OF SECONDARY SCHOOLS <p>This article describes methods of conflict resolution in the teaching staff of heads of secondary schools, components of conflicts and ways to resolve them. In the context of globalization, the reforms implemented in our country in the system of science and education, as in all sectors, give important and priority results for the directors of secondary schools to identify and resolve pedagogical conflicts in the team, their origin, causes, factors, prevention opportunities, ways to overcome.</p> Saidov Asliddin Norbobo o‘g‘li Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 11 7 236 238 FACILITATING EFFECTIVE AND SUCCESSFUL READING : THE TEACHER'S VITAL ROLE <p>Reading holds the power to bring joy and enlightenment, unveiling the unknown and serving as a vital cognitive activity in today's information-driven society. As such, it is crucial for students to develop effective reading skills to participate fully in today's educated world. The act of reading not only liberates individuals from ignorance and superstition but also has the potential to reshape their thinking and lifestyle. Encouraging a culture of critical reading is essential for educators, as it goes beyond surface-level comprehension to analyze assumptions, inferences, and conclusions made by writers. Critical readers develop well-rounded skills applicable to various areas, including SQ3R techniques, multimedia utilization, browsing, and scanning by evaluating the accuracy, reliability, quality, and value of written content. While multiple approaches to fostering literacy exist, certain factors significantly impact its acquisition. Teachers play a pivotal role in overcoming these obstacles and ensuring that reading becomes accessible, effective, and successful for their students. Acting as the primary resource, teachers provide guidance, encouragement, and instruction, helping students develop their reading approaches. They introduce beginning readers to phonics, aiding in the correct pronunciation of letters and words, while also emphasizing proficient writing in early grades, as it directly correlates with reading skills. Additionally, teachers assist students in recognizing syllables and selecting appropriate reading materials based on age, time, and ability, acknowledging their responsibility in motivating and engaging students to become enthusiastic readers. Key elements in this process include critical reading, skimming and scanning techniques, SQ3R strategies, and the effective utilization of multimedia resources.</p> Dr. Divya C. Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-21 2023-07-21 11 7 239 247 METHODS AND TECHNIQUES OF SWIMMING AND ITS TRAINING <p>Practical and theoretical knowledge of swimming sports training in which to give qualified knowledge to young spotters</p> Altinay Berdimuratova Qonisbay qizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-21 2023-07-21 11 7 248 251 JOB STABILITY AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO THE ADMINISTRATIVE CREATIVITY OF THE TECHNICAL SUPERVISORS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF SPORTS ACTIVITY IN THE DHI QAR EDUCATION <p>The importance of the research is reflected in knowing the relationship between job stability and administrative creativity among the technical supervisors of the Department of Sports Activity in the Dhi Qar Education Directorate. The research aimed to identify the significance of this relationship. On the number of (25) technical supervisors in the department of sports and school activity in the education of Dhi Qar Governorate, their job stability and administrative creativity were measured using the measures of job stability and administrative creativity. One of the most important conclusions reached by the researcher is that there is a significant correlation between job stability and administrative creativity for supervisors. Technicians in the Department of Sports and School Activity in the Education of Dhi Qar Governorate.</p> Dr. Nabeel Makttoof Jwid Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-22 2023-07-22 11 7 252 260 PILGRIMAGE IN UZBEKISTAN: PAST AND FUTURE <p>This article provides information about pilgrimage in Uzbekistan, ongoing reforms in the field of pilgrimage tourism and the country's tourism potential. The author presented the first international tourism forum in Bukhara and the conditions created for pilgrims in Uzbekistan.</p> Jumaeva Shoira Berdiyarovna Eshkuvvatova Mahfuza Kayumjon kizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-22 2023-07-22 11 7 261 264 THE ADVANTAGES OF USING SONGS IN TEACHING ENGLISH <p>This article will discuss the implementation of using songs to teach English. There are some advantages to teaching English through songs and various activities in the classroom. Using songs as an activity in teaching English helps the teacher build an active and interesting group. In addition, this paper aims to explore how songs for students can be adapted to suit a particular theme or part of the curriculum a teacher might wish to teach.</p> Tosheva Ruxshona Bobomurod qizi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-23 2023-07-23 11 7 265 269 INEXTRICABLE LINK BETWEEN FINANCIAL MARKET AND INVESTMENT <p>The article provides a rationale for the relevance of the research topic, discusses the key concepts of the functioning of the investment market - investment demand and investment supply. The author's definition of these components of the investment process is given.<br>The author considers the functioning of the investment market on the basis of two components: the market for investment capital (investment resources) and the market for investment goods and services.On the basis of the study, the author concludes that the coincidence of the formulas for the movement of funds describing the processes in the markets of investment capital (investment resources) and the markets of investment goods and services is not accidental. In essence, we are talking about one investment market, but considered in two aspects: firstly, from the point of view of the movement of investments (investment capital) placed by investors, and, secondly, from the standpoint of the movement of investment goods, which are objects of investment for investors. In conclusion, the author argues that it is advisable to reduce the whole variety of relations between the real sector and the investment market to three main mechanisms of interaction: the demand of the real sector of the economy for investment resources; offering the investment market to the real sector of the economy; potential supply of accumulated investment resources by the real sector of the economy to the investment market.</p> Jo’rayev Og’abek Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-24 2023-07-24 11 7 271 275 ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION PERCEIVED BY LANGUAGE EDUCATION STUDENTS IN THE NEW NORMAL EDUCATION: A NARRATIVE INQUIRY <p>The purpose of this narrative investigation is to explore the perceptions of language education students towards the role of technology in education. The study has utilized narrative inquiry as its research design and a structured, short-answer type essay to gather the necessary data. There are 30 language education students who are currently enrolled in the college of teacher education who served as participants in the study. The instrument consists of only one question: "What are the roles of technology in education in contemporary times?" and seven themes emerged based on the inputs of thematic analysis. Based from the results that technology accelerates educational advancement by providing diverse materials, enhancing learning experiences, empowering teachers, transforming education, making it accessible, affordable, and enabling accelerated learning. It also supports collaboration and communication, facilitating teaching and learning during the pandemic. Technology should be seen as a tool for effective teaching and learning, not a substitute.</p> Fe Marie Matias, MAEd Vincent Pobre, MAEd Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-24 2023-07-24 11 7 276 282 THE ROLE OF HUMAN CAPITAL IN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY IN UZBEKISTAN <p>The article discusses the formation of a digital economy in modern Uzbekistan along with the development of human capital. The latest economic and technological conditions require the development and implementation of approaches that will help the population master the basic competencies of the digital economy, ensure mass digital literacy and personalize education. Education is a key factor in the development of human capital. At the same time, human capital finds solutions of a social, cultural, economic and civil nature, forms continuity in society, represents the methodology of existence, knowledge and experience accumulated throughout the history of mankind, society and each person.</p> Mannanova Shakhida Gaibullaevna Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-24 2023-07-24 11 7 283 286 PRODUCT AESTHETIC AND BRAND LOYALTY AS DRIVERS OF BRAND PSYCHOLOGICAL BRAND OWNERSHIP: AN EXPLORATORY STUDY OF THE OPINIONS OF A SAMPLE OF CUSTOMERS OF SMARTPHONE BRANDS COMPANIES <p>Companies strive to make their brand saturated in the lives of customers, and perhaps the psychological ownership of the brand represents one of the best ways to make customers own the same brand to build positive behavior, and therefore it becomes necessary for companies to know the way in which the psychological ownership of the brand can be acquired, and to this end the current study aimed to examine the role of the aesthetic product represented by (customer acumen, customer value, customer response) and loyalty to the brand and represented by (behavioral loyalty, attitude loyalty) as driving factors for the psychological ownership of the brand, among a sample of customers of companies brands of smartphones, as distributed (359) questionnaire to a group of customers of companies brands of smartphones, and in order to achieve the goal of the study used a set of methods to ensure in the test of the applied side of the study, Perhaps the most famous of these methods are the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, level of importance, Pearson's correlation coefficient (SPSS.V.27), and the coefficients of influence between internal variables according to the program (AMOS. V.26), the results showed that product aesthetics and brand loyalty contribute to improving the results of psychological ownership of the brand.</p> Saif Ali Jasim Ahmed Ghaffar Hussein Khalid Kadhim Mohammed Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-25 2023-07-25 11 7 287 299 SENSORY MOTOR EXERCISES AND THEIR EFFECT ON NEUROMUSCULAR BALANCE AND SOME SPECIAL PHYSICAL AND SKILL ABILITIES OF TENNIS PLAYERS <p>Experts and specialists in the field of tennis have paid great attention to training methods to develop the physical, motor and skillful performance of the players, especially their movement in the court and the compatibility between all parts of the body. This research aims at exploring the impact of using perceptual motor exercises on the neuromuscular balance and physical abilities and special skills on junior tennis players. The researcher applied an intervention exercise on 6 players, at sports talent in Diyala Governorate, whose ages ranged from 16-17 years. The researcher determined 3 special tests suggested by the International Tennis Federation (INT) test to measure the impact of such exercises on the participants. These tests are the Electromyography test, Nelson's test for the transitional motor response and sprint 20-m test from a moving start. Results showed a development in the values of electrical activity as an indicator of the neuromuscular balance. Results also showed a development in some of the special physical and skill abilities of the tennis players. It is recommending that physical training and technical development should be based on using sensory-motor exercises, and incorporating these exercises into the training curriculum to develop neuromuscular balance<br>and special physical and skill abilities of tennis players.</p> Dr. Abdulhaleem Hafedh Yaseen Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-25 2023-07-25 11 7 300 312 IMPROVING THE TEACHING OF TECHNIQUES AND TACTICS OF EXERCISES IN FENCING <p>This sport is very foudali for human health and very kata important for health.</p> Rajabova Mohinur Muzaffarovna Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-24 2023-07-24 11 7 313 316 MATERIALS FOR WATER TREATMENT: CHALLENGES AND INNOVATIONS <p>This scientific article provides a comprehensive analysis of materials used in water treatment, focusing on the challenges faced in the field and recent innovations. The article discusses the importance of water treatment, highlights key issues related to water pollution, and explores various materials and their applications in water treatment processes. A literature analysis is conducted to examine the existing research and advancements in the field. The methodology section outlines the experimental approaches used in the development and evaluation of water treatment materials. The results section presents the findings of recent studies, including the performance and efficiency of different materials. The discussion section critically analyzes the results, identifies potential limitations, and suggests future research directions. Finally, the article concludes by summarizing the main points discussed and emphasizing the significance of continued research and innovation in the field of water treatment.</p> Haydarov Hasanjon Hakimovich Kushimov Bakhtiyor Alishovich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-27 2023-07-27 11 7 317 322 FEMALE AUTONOMY AND GENDER JUSTICE WITH REGARD TO SURROGACY IN INDIA <p>The right of a woman or girl to make autonomous decisions about her body and reproductive functions is at the core of her fundamental rights to equality, privacy and bodily integrity. There is a need to pay more attention to gender development so that women lead more productive life goals and do not sell their bodies for ‘sex’ or ‘breeding’. The Union Cabinet has approved the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016, according to which, commercial surrogacy is strictly prohibited and foreigners cannot access surrogacy in India, but altruistic surrogacy is allowed only to surrogate married couples in need given with the help of close relatives in the form of mothers, Surrogate mothers would have more rights over their children and would be offered legal aid. Similar policies exist in Thailand, Israel and Denmark. Supporting the bill, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said it would protect women from exploitation, especially by the large-scale medical tourism industry.</p> Aggya Paandeya Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-27 2023-07-27 11 7 323 332 THE ROLE OF THE TYPES OF KNOWLEDGE PARTNERSHIPS IN THE MARKETING OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS <p>The research aims to investigate the impact of the relationship between types of intellectual property partnerships and the marketing of intellectual property rights. To achieve this, 19 government and private universities were selected as the field of study. The research methodology adopted was descriptive-analytical. The study population and sample consisted of university leaders in the selected universities, totaling 404 individuals. They were purposefully selected as decision-makers in the respective universities. Data was collected through a questionnaire distributed directly to the sample, and 226 valid responses were retrieved for statistical analysis to determine the correlation and impact between the main study variables and their dimensions.The study results revealed several findings, including a significant impact of the types of knowledge partnerships on marketing intellectual property rights. Additionally, the research presented a set of recommendations.</p> Prof. Dr. Naji Abdel S. Mahmoud Researcher Mustafa A.W. Saleh Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-27 2023-07-27 11 7 333 345 SELF-EDUCATION AND SELF-DEVELOPMENT SKILLS <p>Speaking of self-discipline skills, we assume that students have already formed these skills by the beginning of the learning process. But in practice, everything turns out differently. Despite the fact that students are rigorously selected in entrance exams and all self-discipline skills must be formed in primary school, students are often not ready for independent activity.</p> Fayzieva Gulzoda Ulugbekovna Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 11 7 346 348 DEVICE FOR SORTING SOLID HOUSEHOLD WASTE <p>Based on the analysis of existing designs of waste sorting complexes, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages, a prototype design of the sorting complex was chosen. The developed design of the sorting device allows you to effectively sort the organic components of the waste. A distinctive feature of this device is that the device effectively sorts not only heavy fractions, but also light fractions of waste, by means of a vacuum installed above the upper conveyor.</p> Khankelov T. K. Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 11 7 349 354 WORK ON THE IMAGE <p>Today, one of the most important aspects of the perception of the organization in general and its assessment is the impression that it makes both on consumers and competitors, that is, its image (image). Regardless of the desires of both the organization itself and public relations specialists, the image is an objective a factor that plays a major role in the evaluation of any social process or phenomenon.</p> Saparov Rinat Kuralbayevich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 11 7 355 358 THE EFFECT OF IODINE FORTIFICATION ON THE LEVEL OF THYROXINE AND CERTAIN BIOCHEMICAL AND FUNCTIONAL VARIABLES OF VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS (YOUTH CLASS) <p>Iodine is a vital and essential element involved in the production of the thyroid hormone, which is necessary for physical and mental development, as well as the development of various important body function. Therefore, iodine deficiency does not only lead to dangerous complications of the thyroid swelling, but also affects the level of intelligence and academic achievements of school children, and causes fatigue and inertia in general, preventing them from being productive or working properly. This factor hinders their development and has eventually negative influences on society both socially and economically. The problem of this research is the fact that minerals are crucial for the human body, as they perform great physiologic functions (especially for athletes). Scientific sources point out that thyroxine affects the percentage of minerals within the human body in such a way that whenever the ratio of this hormone increases, the level of minerals will increase as well. As is mentioned earlier, iodine is crucial for the activity of the thyroid gland and the secretion of thyroxine. Therefore, researchers attempted to increase the level of thyroxine secretion on a low ratio, but still within the normal limits, in order to study its influence on the level of minerals and certain functional variables of volleyball players of the youth class.</p> Asst. Prof. Dr. Basheer Shakir Hussein Alawadi Asst. prof. Dr. Alaa Kadhem Armoot Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-01 2023-08-01 11 7 359 364 THE SPIRITUAL CHARACTERISTICS OF PROVERBS FORMED ON THE BASIS OF CRAFTSMANSHIP AND AGRICULTURAL LEXEMES IN UZBEK LANGUAGES <p>This article analysis of types of handicraft and farming lexemes are given, and the semantic features of proverbs with these lexemes are analyzed with examples.</p> Khamzayev Otakhon Erkinovich Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-01 2023-08-01 11 7 365 367 MATERIAL AND TECHNICAL BASE OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM OF FERGHANA VALLEY IN THE YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE <p>The article analyzes the activity of hospitals in the Ferghana Valley during the years of independence and the number of beds in them based on evidence. Besides, it is shown that activity of healthcare facilities, their material and technical condition, was in a pitiable condition. In the first years of independence, the procedure of expanding and developing inpatient services based on the Soviet model.</p> Abdurakhmon Abdumuminovich Abdukhalimov Copyright (c) 2023 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 11 7 368 371 THE IMAGE OF THE MOUNTAINBEG IN THE WORK OF THE NURALI KABUL <p>The article reflects on the velvety Colorite in the stories of the writer Nurali Qobul. The behavior of the velvet mountains, the animals in it, the mountain dogs with nature guards, was subject to analysis. It is illuminated that the mountainbegi, whose task is to preserve the mountain and its riches, harm nature, abuse their duties. It is revealed that the mountainbegis who caused harm to nature would eventually be punished by nature.</p> Qurbonova Gulbahor Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-04 2023-08-04 11 7 372 377