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Nurlan Jamalov


We all know that in the 9th-12th centuries, the first Renaissance took place in Central Asia. The term "Renaissance" was originally applied to the cultural and spiritual rise in Italy (14th-16th centuries), which was evaluated as a stage of transition from medieval stagnation to a new era. But the Renaissance is not only a European phenomenon. In Movaraunnahr, several centuries earlier than in Italy (9th-12th centuries), a great cultural uplift took place, science, philosophy, literature developed, advanced humanitarian ideas occupied the public's mind, intellectual and creative activity flourished. In this article on the topic "Social-philosophical analysis of the Renaissance culture in Central Asia", we provide detailed information about the states that emerged during the first Renaissance in Central Asia after the end of the Arab Caliphate (9th century) and the form and structure of their state administration. given.

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Nurlan Jamalov. (2024). SOCIO-PHILOSOPHICAL IMPORTANCE OF RENAISSANCE CULTURE IN CENTRAL ASIA. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(6), 400–404. Retrieved from


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