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Dr. Hussam Hussein Mutanish


The impact of the diaspora harmony strategy on middle school students' creative abilities and a selection of fundamental volleyball skills. The research aims to investigate the impact of the diaspora harmony strategy on the development of creative abilities and fundamental skills in volleyball among first-grade male students in Diwaniyah city center. The study focuses on a total of 726 students from four middle schools affiliated with the Diwaniyah Education Directorate for the academic year (2022-2023). The researcher employed an experimental approach, specifically the two equal groups design, to effectively implement the study's procedures. The research sample consisted of 38 students from Al Karama Secondary School for Boys in the first intermediate grade. The students were selected through a lottery system and were evenly distributed between divisions A and B. Through a random selection process, Division (A) was assigned as the experimental group and Division (B) was designated as the control group. The research and its implementation involved utilizing the essential instruments and equipment. This included carrying out several procedures such as developing the diaspora harmony strategy, conducting a reconnaissance experiment, and doing the primary field experiment as part of the pre-tests. Subsequently, the diaspora harmony strategy was used, followed by the post-tests. The researcher determined that students should adopt the diaspora harmony technique to enhance their creative abilities and acquire fundamental skills in volleyball. The researcher suggests utilizing contemporary methodologies in lectures due to their significant impact on fostering creative aptitude and fundamental proficiencies in volleyball.

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Dr. Hussam Hussein Mutanish. (2024). IMPACT OF DIASPORA SYNERGY STRATEGY ON CREATIVE ABILITIES AND SOME BASIC VOLLEYBALL SKILLS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(1), 150–164. Retrieved from


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