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Makhmut Mamatov


This article deals with the development of spiritual education through national and religious values. Its practical significance in the development of modern society from the point of view of improving spiritual education was substantiated.

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Makhmut Mamatov. (2023). VALUES ARE A FACTOR OF SPIRITUAL EDUCATION. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 11(10), 350–353. Retrieved from


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Shahrisabz district: White Palace complex, Jahangir mausoleum, Shamsiddin Kulol mausoleum, Kok Gumbaz mosque, Malik Ajdar mosque, Khoja Mirhamid mosque, Temur Dakhmasi, Ulugbek descendants mausoleum.

Karshi city: Blue Gumbaz mosque, Shermuhammad madrasa, Sharobhoja madrasa, Khoja Kurban madrasa, Bekmir madrasa, Abdulazizhoja madrasa, Kurgancha madrasa.Karshi District: Zagza Mosque, Stone Mosque (Beshkent), Chor Dome Mosque (Kakhlyak), Halfa Eshon Mosque, Chor Dome Mosque (Kuchkak), Dome Mosque (Lagandi), Koyi Arol Mosque, Hazrat Sultan Mausoleum.

Kasbi district: Khoja Karlik complex, Pandram mosque, Sultan Mirhaidar complex, Namozgokh (Kasbi), Sardoba (Kasbi), Sardoba (Qamashi), Tora mosque (Kattagan), two-domed mausoleum in Khoja Karlik.

Koson district: Bandi Kushod mosque, Husan ata complex, mosque in Koson fortress, house mosque in Polot.

Chirakchi District: Old Langar Mosque, Big Room, Small Room, Yakkabog District: Yadgor Bashir Mausoleum and Mosque here.

Target District:

Hazrat Iman Muni Complex, Hazrat Shaikh Complex, Qamashi District: Langar Father Mausoleum, Langar Mosque.

Osman Yusuf district: Avon school (jome).

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