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Jassim Ali Hassan


    The current study aims to demonstrate the link between buzz marketing strategies and customer satisfaction on a sample of Al-Taif Islamic Bank employees, and the fact that business organizations today, in their quest to satisfy their customers, face many challenges posed by the current market reality, and as a result, they are in urgent need to improve their competitive performance by adopting New Strategies. The analytical descriptive approach was used in the current study, and it came to a number of conclusions, including the following: The ability of an employee to assume responsibility by offering the client the right kind of service and the availability of a suitable work environment were shown to be related to the organization's ability to satisfy its customers. There are also some recommendations, chief among which are: The importance of paying attention to buzz marketing tactics, particularly at senior management levels, by encouraging them to take on responsibility and view their errors as chances to improve customer pleasure.

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Jassim Ali Hassan. (2023). BUZZ MARKETING STRATEGIES AND THEIR IMPACT ON REINFORCEMENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 11(10), 363–373. Retrieved from


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