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Mahdi Khalaf Ali Ahmed


This study aimed to identify the impact of authentic leadership on the quality of work life at the Tikrit University, and to achieve the objectives of the study. The descriptive analytical approach was followed by developing a questionnaire and distributing it electronically to a sample of (357) male and female employees who were chosen randomly from the study community, and after conducting Statistical analysis through the (SPSS) program. The study showed a set of results, most notably the presence of a high level of authentic leadership practices at the Tikrit University, the presence of an average level of quality of work life, as well as the presence of a statistically significant effect at the significance level (α≤0.05). Authentic leadership with its sub-dimensions on the quality of work life from the viewpoint of workers at the Tikrit University.

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Mahdi Khalaf Ali Ahmed. (2023). THE IMPACT OF AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP ON THE QUALITY OF WORK LIFE AT TIKRIT UNIVERSITY. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 11(10), 374–396. Retrieved from


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