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Ammar Neamah Awada
Anas Mahmood Ibrahim
Adel Mohammed Khalif


Intellectual Capital From An Economic Perspective. A Descriptive Theoretical Study The study sought to examine the intellectual capital from an economic perspective. In order to verify the extent to which intellectual capital plays a role in the human dimension of economic development as well as the organizational dimension, It also sought to identify the role of economic theories in this process. in favor of current developments in intellectual capital. The findings demonstrated the connection and significance of human intellectual capital for economic development, as well as the function that organizational intellectual capital plays in that regard.
One of the study's most significant recommendations is to focus attention on the micro and macroeconomic sectors at all levels in order to implement intellectual capital practices. This can be done by adopting a national plan that lays out these practices and is followed by measurement indicators that track how well they are being implemented. It can also be done by encouraging institutions and economic sectors to create an environment that is conducive to capital building.

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Ammar Neamah Awada, Anas Mahmood Ibrahim, & Adel Mohammed Khalif. (2024). INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL FROM AN ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVE-A DESCRIPTIVE THEORETICAL STUDY. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(2), 64–72. Retrieved from


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