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Kalandarova Dilafruz Abdujamilovna
Turapova Yulduz Zafarovna


This article emphasizes the importance of cultural diversity and interdisciplinary approaches, and talks about creating an effective methodology for teaching World Literature in secondary schools. The research includes the analysis of literature, different methods of teaching and their influence on student engagement and understanding. The results highlight the advantages of a holistic approach and contribute to a deeper understanding of global perspectives. A discussion section explores challenges and opportunities, leading to insightful conclusions and suggestions for educators.

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Kalandarova Dilafruz Abdujamilovna, & Turapova Yulduz Zafarovna. (2024). RECOMMENDATIONS ON THE TEACHING METHODOLOGY OF EXAMPLES OF WORLD LITERATURE IN GENERAL EDUCATION SCHOOLS. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(2), 171–174. Retrieved from


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