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Бекова Гулбахор Гулмуратовна


The article is devoted to the analysis of modern methods of improving the fundamentals of life safety and mechanisms for preventing emergency situations. In the context of increasing frequency and scale of natural and man-made disasters, the study highlights the need to develop comprehensive strategies to minimize risks and protect communities. The paper provides an overview of the current state of the issue, including recent advances in the field of forecasting and responding to hazardous events. The focus is on integrating advanced information and analytical technologies, taking into account regional characteristics and increasing the level of public awareness and preparedness. The authors highlight the role of interdepartmental interaction and international cooperation in improving security methods. The analysis of the literature, including the works of Russian and Uzbek scientists, made it possible to formulate recommendations for optimizing emergency prevention systems. In conclusion, it is emphasized that a multidisciplinary approach to disaster risk management and the synergy of technical and social measures are key to building resilient and safe societies.

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Бекова Гулбахор Гулмуратовна. (2024). METHODS FOR IMPROVING THE BASICS OF LIFE SAFETY WHEN PREVENTING EMERGENCIES. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(2), 402–405. Retrieved from


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