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Валиев Ш. М.
Газиев З. Т.


Among patients in need of surgical treatment, the proportion of elderly people suffering from concomitant diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, is increasing. It is this category of patients that should be given special attention, since even minor hemodynamic and respiratory disorders associated with anesthesia and surgery can cause very serious intra- and postoperative complications [2; 4; 5].Therefore, the optimization of perioperative management of elderly patients with concomitant cardiovascular diseases is one of the leading areas of research conducted in the world today, and these studies are far from a final solution to the problem.In this regard, anesthetic protection can play a key role in stabilizing hemodynamics, psycho-emotional status, leveling hemostasis disorders in elderly and senile patients and creating optimal conditions for subsequent rehabilitation measures. Traditional regional methods of anesthesia for operative gynecology, in contrast to general anesthesia, make it possible to effectively block nociceptive impulses directly from the area of the chronic focus of pain, create conditions for preventive analgesia and potentially contribute to the improvement of the psycho-emotional state of patients [1; 2; 3; 5].

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Валиев Ш. М., & Газиев З. Т. (2024). COMBINED SPINAL-EPIDURAL ANESTHESIA FOR HYSTERECTOMY IN GYNECOLOGICAL PATIENTS WITH PATHOLOGY OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(1), 500–503. Retrieved from


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