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Prof. Salimov Arifdjan Muslimovich
Kurganov Uktamjon
Kurganova Zulayho


At the same time, the development of the tourism sector is also important in determining the regional economy. Therefore, great work has been done for the development of this field, and educational and legal foundations have been created for this. However, despite this, the available opportunities are not fully used, the conditions created in the field of tourism do not meet the needs of the regions. This shows the need to study tourism infrastructure.

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Prof. Salimov Arifdjan Muslimovich, Kurganov Uktamjon, & Kurganova Zulayho. (2023). DEVELOPING TOURISM OF FERGANA REGION IMPORTANCE OF RECREATION AREAS. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 11(4), 189–192. Retrieved from


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